How can osteopathy help you?

There are numerous specialities within the field of osteopathy. These include cranial or craniosacral osteopathy, visceral osteopathy, urogenital osteopathy, paediatric osteopathy, osteopathy before, during and after pregnancy and somatoemotional osteopathy.
Your consultation: We make an assessment regarding the mobility and integrity of structure including joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and connective tissue. We use a variety of techniques to deal with any abnormal tensions, restrictions, blockages or fixations causing pressure and subsequent dysfunction. The aim is to restore function to enable your body to return to health.

All these approaches are used where appropriate at this clinic.

Applications of osteopathy:

  • Cranial osteopathy– a gentle approach, valuable in the treatment of sensitive individuals.
  • Visceral and urogenital osteopathy– for the treatment of problems such as IBS and other bowel complaints, period pains, infertility, bladder dysfunction and more.
  • Paediatric osteopathy– with specialisation in conditions such as ADD and autism as well as common complaints e.g. ear, nose and throat problems, asthma, eczema and other skin complaints.
  • Pregnancy– all aspects of healthcare regarding fertility, including problems during and after pregnancy and problems during and around labour and childbirth.
  • Somatoemotional osteopathy– many bodily complaints such as chronic back pain and bowel problems are rooted in held emotional tension. Many aspects of osteopathic technique can facilitate the release of blocked emotional energy and can bring about profound healing change within the individual.

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